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The Monterrey Group

Here Are Just A Few Reasons To Choose The Monterrey Group

Why pay a group instead of a single agent? Simple. At The Monterrey Group it costs not a penny more to reap all the benefits of the group’s resources! The commission is the same when you contract for Group services as it would be for a single agent. That means you get more of everything you need, from open houses to marketing to brain-storming important issues such as staging and pricing.

What if you’ve never sold a home before? The Group’s people skills will supply all the help you need throughout the entire process. Their abilities go beyond buying and selling. They include an understanding of buyer and seller motivation, the importance of timing and negotiation in the process and the legal and financial realities involved in dealing with banks and mortgage companies.

What if your native language is not English? No matter. You will have at your side a Monterrey agent who is fluent in French or Spanish.

Last but not least, Monterrey agents are accustomed to and committed to going the extra mile to do what it takes to help match the home to the client’s needs and desires.

That’s why this is the Monterrey Group’s motto:

Everything we touch turns to “SOLD”

Are You Ready? We are Here for You!

Contact us today and our team will go the extra mile for you.